Keylime Pie expected announcement at IO 2013

English: The following chart is based on the n...

English: The following chart is based on the number of Android devices that have accessed Android Market. Español: El gráfico muestra el número de dispositivos Android que han accedido a Android Market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google‘s new operating system update is expected to be announced at I/O 2013. As you may have heard. The new 5.0 version of the Android operating system is expected to be call Keylime Pie.  This is reported on several websites and blogs.

Google have not yet fully confirmed these speculations of features, and they have not denied them either. Some blogs have said their sources have been developers with the inside scoop of things. What we now is still speculations until confirmed by Google officially.

This is what tech blog writers expect, some new apps incorporated into the software. “One of the biggest rumors about Key Lime Pie is the introduction of profiles. When you go to sleep your phone obviously doesn’t need to be syncing emails and fetching data from Twitter, so you could enable a profile which prevents unnecessary tasks and conserves battery life, as well as allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. This isn’t a new idea and can already be done by third-party applications, but to have it baked into the Android OS would certainly streamline the user experience.”  A quote from Know Your Mobile website.

As we have watched the Google operating system evolve into different candy flavored or cookie/snack types over the years.

Keylime Pie

The android evolution makes Keylime Pie good for “Babel”

App developer Kinvey has released an info-graphic going over the history of Android, from 2008 up until the present day. It has given away a few pointers about what we can expect in Android Key Lime Pie too, including performance profiles, integrated social networking, cross-device SMS, multi-device support and built-in video chat.  It wouldn’t  be hard to conceive the notion that Google is also planning to show a cross-platform service, also rumored to be introduced at IO 2013.

If you click the image. You can follow the evolution of the android OS over the time since it as been on the marker and the features that it offered up to now. This was a put together by a developer android accredited person that follow the OS and have created this visual time line.

The Key lime Pie is Expected to be launched with the Google Nexus 7 and the Google Nexus 4 reboot on this 5.0 version of Android.

The Google I/O conference is right around the corner now weeks away. Google is expected to release Nexus 7 devices  with the android 5.0 Keylime Pie shortly after the conference.  Dates as early as July according to Ubergizmo who have also reported that the Keylime Pie May also have include iOS Game Center-like Multiplayer Features.

This explains how Google could Incorporated that “Babel” service to be a cross-platform/cross device service.

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Microsoft Apologizes For Loudmouthed Creative Director’s Tweets

I am freaking out at how fast this always on feature is getting pushed to be the norm. Even when you are not interacting online. If that is the case, then why do we give these people our money? If we don’t get to do what we which in the privacy of our home.

So if i decide to slip in a porn on DVD or Blue ray from my collection? You mean to tell me that, that will now be a public action logged on some server database some place?; That, is kinda freaky to think about. Yes, that maybe something that does not concern some younger console users. However, i have a big collection, that should be, my noninvasive indulgence. After all. I bought the console. In addition, Other than (DRM) i am yet to get a conceivably meaningful purpose of the “always on” feature.

That  cannot be a consumer benefit what-so-ever. I have read some blogs about “always on” many seem against it and some are not engaged at all, many are very passive as if they don’t know what this really mean.  For me. I need more explanation from Microsoft.

Since the  Sony  PS 4 reps. all levels have got interviewed on this same topic. Thou, it as yet to be fully confirmed by physically un-boxing and playing on one.

Sony shows a more openness to answering questions and display a better pr face.


Earlier this week, a Microsoft Studios creative director stepped into a huge, flaming virtual bag full of doo-doo when he decided to make his case for always-online gaming, and possibly gave away information about the next generation of Xbox in the process. Today, Microsoft has had to issue a “don’t listen to that guy” statement.

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A Look At The Key Lime Pie Theme

The Key lime pie is the new Google android os to be updated. The 5.1.1 themes are briefly shown in this video. The themes are just that… themes and not the Updated version as of this post update. However, Google as before confirm that Key Lime Pie is the name given to the upcoming version.

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Black berry Battles Back


blackberry (Photo credit: arrayexception)

Don’t write BlackBerry Off quite yet. With the controversial issues that surrounded BlackBerry in early to mid 2012. The Phone company is fighting to stay a float, while competing against Motorola, Sony, and others for what is left of the smart phone market. That is dominated By the IPhone , and Samsung Galaxy. BlackBerry As a touch screen version with the BlackBerry Z10.

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Samsung S4

The Samsung brand is rated the smartphones seller in the US and other countries Globally.
Samsung s series is the most popular seller and the most shipped/sold. The Samsung Galaxy Series holds a strong lead in some features. But obviously not all. The Galaxy makes for a good user experience.
Some draw backs are battery life. In comparison with the Sony Xperia Z. The S4 is lacking. Way ahead of both is the Motorola Razr Maxx.


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Xbox vs PS4

Just a passive commentary on the PS4 and Xbox, This is not a voice for the game community, I have found that not many people do genuine opinion reviews. There are more timid people who  offer not even an opinion on the matter. I have seen a few of these videos and they all similar. This one didn’t get into the rumors of the Xbox being always on.  Mark aka soldier knows best is a fellow techy that chimes in occasionally about gaming related topic.

I am looking for that one person that knows for a fact what is included in the new Xbox, That first fact about what exactly is the full capabilities of this Xbox,

So far i have decided that my 360 is going to be my last Xbox console, if the next one is going to be an “always on” console. If this decision is premature. Then, I will retract it if  and when I hear of the non-existence of the always on feature. Granted that the 360 has the internet connectivity. I just don’t need it, it is used only when needed and not as a mandatory feature. I can play games that doesn’t need internet connection and i have control over this option to use or not use.


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Microsoft crossed 1 Billion Download Mark

English: The Microsoft Logo

Microsoft reaching out to talented developer.

Image Microsoft can now claim that their windows store, have had over 1 billion downloads from the windows store.  From a blog post by Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and chief Evangelist, Developer And Platform Evangelist. Have been a mouth piece, (so to speak), as you can tell from his long tittle.

Gyggenheimer , gives credit to the doubling of windows Azure compute usage. In his post on March 26.

This blog post By Guggenheimer, is directed at developers all over the world, kinda trying to get more interest in the ” assortment of new opportunities to build incredible apps”, was a direct quote from the blog post.


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Key Lime Pie?

Android invasion, Sydney, Australia

Android invasion, Sydney, Australia (Photo credit: Pranav Bhatt)

Finished key lime pie.

Buzz going around about a new version of android operating system from Google developers.

5.0 version of android called Key Lime Pie is  still not fully confirmed by Google. Yet Android lovers are all getting exited to have a new version to the jelly bean. Personally i am guilty of being one. There are many good feature on the base 4.2.2 jelly bean and The galaxy S4 as improved and added amazing features that i am exited for. Air swipe is one of these said features. I am looking forward to getting one.

There don’t seem to be a date yet for the 5.0 release, however it seem that Key Lime Pie is definitely going to be what it’s called.

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New Phone with a battery life of 32 hour

Motorola have the right idea. Everyone would appreciate that they have an extra day or more before they have to charge their phone.

It as always been Motorola at the forefront of this battery longevity technology, as with the  previous Razr models that usually shine in this department.

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As it get closer and closer to the dead line, Set previously by the Microsoft co-operation, for the oldest running operating system that have been online and run computers all over the world since the start of the 21 century.

This operating system as been the longest  supported system for patches and security fixes by Microsoft. Unlike the windows Me, and other operating systems that only got support and updates for a maximum of 5 years and then was scrapped for a newer operating system. This is not the case with the windows Xp.

Xp for short. However windows Xp really stands for windows experience. Admitting completely that using the Xp OS. Does give a good experience and has been one of the most stable running OSes for a long time.

On April of 2012. Microsoft announced that they were going to discontinue support for this OS by April 2014. They advised that enterprise and pretty much all users of the Xp os in their network with server 2003 will no longer be supported. The full announcement can be found at on the Microsoft blogs.

Time is winding down with almost one year to that deadline. For us in the It industry with desktop support and network admin responsibilities. We have been very busy for a few years contracting and subcontracting to get these upgrades done. Seemingly most upgrades were already in progress, by many companies, that are in good understanding of the tech industry, after all, the predecessors to the Xp did not last too long. Thou, some people were so familiar with the Xp platform and the easy to learn, U.I. That they stuck with it for many years with excellent support and a great user experience as credited to the name.

Now many are saying that time is running out. Surely there maybe some that did not upgrade yet and this could prove to be a problem for those people. The question that i am asking is what will happen on that deadline if you are not yet quite up to date when that time come?  

Surely your system will still run for weeks, maybe even months afterwards, with no support. The bigger companies have already upgraded to windows 7 and are experimenting with windows 8 for security and stability.  Sever 2008 as it’s ups and downs. however fairly stable to date, from my experiences with it. Domain Controllers and most servers that i have upgraded are Linux based platforms and have been stable.

Please share your experience and comments with us?

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iphone 4

i like the iphone 4 and the seri version of the iphone. Excited to see wht the new iphone 5 have in store.

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rough sketch networking survey

basic network setup. with modem not connected, router is connected to two laptops and 2 desktop.

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drawing network layout

home network layout, now to setup this network

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Death TO XP for networks

Death TO XP for networks

all enterprise and big companies that did not already start the upgrade from XP. will now have to get it changed over to a more recent operating system by April of 2012 if they want to be supported by Microsoft patches.

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nature is interesting,

Imagenature, for birds that walk the earth, for the grass that grows on the ground.” I am thankful” For the life that is spared for the reason that you may find your purpose in this world, may god bless you and guide you continually.

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Racism is dead right. The thing is white pride is not anyway. No one is racist at all so why is there double standards. Fuck that shit I m ranting I don’t give a damn about the little jokes you make to cover you inner hatred pussy. be brave and say it. Cause it just makes me uncomfortable around you. I rather to know that you are racist and you hate that to feel that I m being lied to and that is the worst when the true is I m better than you and the only sanity you can keep is that you are a different race than I am. I am better than you. Fuck your politics. This difference between me and you is that I can love more when you hate me, I will just not be like you.Why do you hate?


Because you are afraid of me, because I m a threat to you, because you can’t control me, because I am unique, and you follow the crowd, because I m will teach and you are selfish, because I will learn, and you are stuck in the past with the ignorant ones that will not learn, that is why you hate me. you hate because you are insecure,You hate because you don’t have the capacity to change, you hate because you cant forgive others for the things that you sin with, you hate because love hurts you, you hate because your heart is broken and your ego is growing,you hate because you see me excel when you fail,you hate because you never fell real love.

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Tech |

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Why are people saying Google is stupid for?

So. Big news have been happening and this writer was mia. In the tech industry the wheels are always moving, things are always happen Really fast. We have had some changes that Google was a part of a deal that would put the advertising giant into your home.

The purchase made tech bloggers produce amazing content all over the web sphere, fill the inter webs with different points on the topic. Even found some cartoons that makes light of the purchase. Or I should say, make fun of what the comming together means for the people purchasing from the thermostat company “Nest”. The company is actually innovative with the product that they produce, in my opinion, so you won’t get any of the conspiracies from this writer.

Also in the the updates on Google’s acquisitions of recent. Motorola company. Not too long ago the phone set top box and modem company, was bought by Google for a price said to be in the range of $12b. Just 1 year later Google as owners released the motor x phone that is said to be very customisable. I will not get into that now– as the Apple 5c released a little before the Motor X, basically overshadows the Motor X significantly causing Google to dump millions to promote high marketing that got them very little conversion from my opinion. I might be incorrect as I have no fact to back that up and hopefully you can get a Motor X or 5c and decide for yourselves which you Preffer. I think Motor X is very impressive.

Shortly after this phone released. Towards the early parts of 2014 the blogs started the fill up tech site with the sale of Motorola phones to Lenovo. People are concerned that Google as lost too much in liquid cash as a result of the Motorola purchase. I wish that would mean more to me. It does not. The debate is ongnoring though. Many, many speculations and math evaluating how much the public lost to the Google company have lost. My opinions are that Google made out big time, and their gains are long term, still down the road ahead of all these debates. Or behind the debates.

To find details about The Nest purchase. Visit Google’s blog for investor relations. More can be found on the investor relations page also on the Motorola sale. 


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about coffee

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Trying to Keep my Coffee Under Control

Trying to Keep my Coffee Under Control

Still a kid at heart with my cars design cup. The coffee of the day was a coffee that I bought from a web site that sells a certain kind of coffee.
The coffee if meant to be healthy and possessed an ancient Chinese herb of youth. Granted this as nothing to do with tech stuff. But this made such an amazing impression.
The website has other blog post and some background about the coffee.

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Keylime Pie expected announcement at IO 2013

Keylime Pie expected announcement at IO 2013.

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Cloud Computing

cloud computing. where you need to save so much information some place that is unknown. “in the cloud”

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